Upholding safety and coexistence is a basic right and component of the residents’ quality of life. Santiago City Council assumes the corporative responsibility of implementing transversal policies that deal with the causes behind a lack of safety and coordinate the convergent action of different municipal services (Local Police, Fire Brigade, Social Services, Civil Defence…) with the objective of attaining an integrating and socially united city.

The Council’s safety strategy is based on the following principles:
-Prevention, to anticipate the problem of a lack of safety and deal with it from the beginning.
-Proximity, to guarantee early detection of problems.
-Participation, to ensure a shared response.
-Solidarity, to deal with the social causes that generate a lack of safety.
-Coordination, to attain greater efficiency and effectiveness on the part of security forces and other municipal services.
-Quality, increasing available resources and improving the services and accessibility of the municipal departments involved (Local Police, Fire Brigade, Civil Protection, Social Services…)